Planning your visit

Your visit helps the Sanctuary!

Ticket sales are a source of income to the Sanctuary, but, more important even, our presence in the forest makes it less attractive for illegal hunter's expeditions. Last but not least, for our excursions we recruit employees locally, including members of the pygmy community. The more the Sanctuary will be source of income to the people, the more they will be motivated to preserve it!

Visiting the Sanctuary means hiking. Therefore, a visit is not advisable for visitors in bad health or shape. Exceptions occur, but generally access to the Sanctuary is not appropriate for children (under the age of 15 years) and seniors (over 70 years old). Trails in the forest are often hardly visible and difficult to follow. Within the forest small rivers and creeks must be crossed, with or without the aid of a tree forming a natural bridge. Vegetation can be very dense, sharp and full of thorns. Visitors should wear appropriate clothes for these conditions: strong textiles, long sleeves and trousers, shoes or boots covering the ankles and supporting walking through water. Dark coloured clothes are to be preferred to make you less visible for animals! During day time temperature is warm but not to the extreme because of the tree's shade - nights are quite fresh.

In order to optimize chances to spot game visits are always organized in small groups, ranging from just one up to six visitors. These groups are always assisted by two official Sanctuary Rangers (eco-guards) and as many luggage carriers as needed. In case you want to visit the Sanctuary in a group numbering over six people you will thus be divided over several smaller groups being guided into different parts of the forest. Normally a visit will last several days to allow you to approach the centre of the Sanctuary. You will be staying over nights in tents. The Sanctuary has a rich wildlife - still, wildlife is unpredictable so seeing it can never be guaranteed!

Due to its climatological conditions a visit to the Sanctuary is strongly discouraged during the months September, October and the first half of November.

A visit of several days to the Sanctuary (with the possibility to meet chimpanzees, gorillas and bush elephants!) including:

is actually proposed for CFA 77.000 (equalling € 117,56) per person per day.

For those who are willing to personally help the Ecoguards on their duties against poaching - you will be very wellcome! We have organized a volunteer programme for those who would like to give a helping hand for the protection of our precious wildlife. To assist in this programme you will have to be in excellent physical condition and will be prepared to stay for at least one week. Being a volunteer means benefiting all the above mentioned services for a fairly reduced price.

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