To see in the Sanctuary

Have you ever camped in a tropical rain forest? The very same forest roamed by wild gorillas? Made a hike with pygmy people? Tasted unknown jungle fruits? Canoed a jungle river on a cut out tree trunk canoe?

Share these experiences with us in the Dja Faunal Sanctuary!

Gorillas and chimpanzees
The Dja Sanctuary is considered a Faunal Sanctuary because of its abundant animal life. Amongst many other species the Dja Sanctuary is outstanding for its ape populations. When visiting the forest you will notice their traces (foot prints, sleeping nests, places where they have fed, their shouting and hurling in the bush) and it is not unlikely to see them from a short distance. An inventory executed at the end of 2015 estimated gorillas living within the Sanctuary at about 6.500 individuals, chimps where estimated at 3.500 souls. Unfortunately the Sanctuary has lost an important share of its elephant population due to poaching.

Have a look as well at films made by our collegues in Gabon!